Federal Appeals

GASCtAppeals from convictions in federal court pose challenges because they are based strictly on the record of earlier hearings, with few if any opportunities to present additional evidence.  They also tend to be complex because the offenses tried in federal court are often more complicated or involve greater financial or other losses and harms than those prosecuted in state court.  And federal sentencing is a world unto itself; U.S. district courts must consider sentencing Guidelines that are continually amended and that have generated their own large body of  case law.

I have been handling federal appeals for nearly twenty years, writing numerous briefs of my own, editing or consulting on other lawyers’ briefs, and presenting oral argument in the U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeals.  I’ve worked on drug, immigration, child pornography, firearm, and fraud cases in these courts.  And because I have never heard an appellate judge say that she wished an appellate brief had been longer, I work hard to address even the most complicated legal issues persuasively without wasting a word.