Collaboration with other attorneys on criminal law and civil rights matters has allowed me to do some of my most rewarding and effective work.  Early on I taught legal writing at a law school, and I still consult frequently with colleagues on the form and presentation of legal arguments. Beyond those efforts, I’m available to help with defense strategy, systemic or class-action challenges in the areas of criminal justice and antidiscrimination, sentencing mitigation, and the preservation of legal issues related to criminal trials.

The most capable and experienced trial attorneys benefit from the presence of a “law guy” on their team to predict what legal issues are likely to arise in a particular case; to develop and argue pretrial motions that are tailored to the matter at hand; and to make a record during trial that could win the day if the jury fails to see the wisdom of their position.  The defense of criminal cases each year requires greater sophistication and vision, and I’ve been proud to share with other lawyers the tools that are essential in taking the long view in a federal or state criminal case.